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We create a lasting
for our clients

Our engagements emphasize three keys to learning success:
Experiential | Relevant | Current


About BusinessThink

We are one of India & South Asia’s best known Business Training & Simulation Provider

We have been delivering high impact business learning and development programs across India, South Asia and Australia for the past decade. Our client impact has been exceptional. CLIENT SPEAK

Our Mission

BusinessThink’s mission is to provide a suite of world class business simulation-centric programs and talent development solutions to organizations to help them execute their business strategies and achieve their goals and objectives.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We create powerful experiences that have a deep and lasting impact on people and organizations
  • Learning By doing, immersive and experiential are our mantras for training
  • Extensive and deep customization is central to our programs
  • We are passionate about our client’s business

Our Methodoloy

Learning By Doing, Immersive and Experiential are our Mantra for designing our training

We treat learning as a Process not an Event and provide repeated exposure to tools and information; time to reflect, process, understand and apply.

Our facilitators are the most experienced and acknowledged subject matter experts.

Astoundingly Rich and Current Content: A program richer in contextual and topical cases/examples and concurrency will be hard to find. The scope and diversity of coverage is simply unbeatable.

Unforgettable and Compelling Blend: Our compelling coverage of Management topics, Leadership Psychology and Decision Making is unique and provides perspectives and insights in an unforgettable learning experience.

Stimulates Self Audit and Change: SmartThink is designed to rouse individual introspection, reflection and action. The seminar is intended to be transformational.

Relevant and Scintillating: The materials are exceedingly current and instantly relevant; providing current issues, global events, cases and media coverage into the program – thought provoking topics that help explore what’s really going on in industry/ business world today.

Powerful and Well Balanced Pedagogy: This includes a proven and effective mix of vibrant case studies, current contextual examples, group discussions, personal and organizational mapping, pre and post program measurements & feedbacks and user toolkits.

Practicality, Action and Application: Participants are given the tools and help they need – to apply the learning from the training and to internalize it as part of their day-to-day management and decision making.

Capsim Capstone Business Simulation India is a business simulation that allows you to learn business in a real-world setting. It is used by universities and businesses all over the world, including India.

The SmartThink program - BusinessThink